Papers and presentations


2016. “Extending Hidden Structure Learning: Features, Opacity, and Exceptionality.” Doctoral Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst. [link]


Under revision. With Gašper Beguš. “Lexicon against Naturalness: Unnatural Gradient Phonotactic Restrictions and Their Origins.” [manuscript]

Accepted. “Reduction Domains between feet and syllables: evidence from Dutch.” Accepted to Glossa.

2019. With Gašper Beguš. With Gašper Beguš. ‘Gradient trends against phonetic naturalness: The case of Tarma Quechua.’ In Sherry Hucklebridge and Max Nelson (eds.), Proceedings of the 48th North East Linguistics Society. Amherst, MA: Graduate Linguistics Student Association.

2018. “Learning within- and between-word variation in probablistic OT grammars.” To appear in Gillian Gallagher, Maria Gouskova, and Sora Yin (eds.), Supplemental Proceedings of the 2017 Annual Meeting on Phonology. Washington, DC: Linguistic Society of America. [link]

2017. With Joe Pater. “Learning opacity in Stratal Maximum Entropy grammar.” Phonology, 34:2, 299-324. [pre-publication version]

2017. With Gaja Jarosz. “Learning Parametric Stress without Domain-Specific Mechanisms.” In Karen Jesney, Charlie O’Hara, Caitlin Smith, and Rachel Walker (eds.), Proceedings of the 2016 Meeting on Phonology. Washington, DC: Linguistic Society of America. [link]

2016. “Dutch Reduction Domains: Between syllables and feet.” In Adam Albright and Michelle Fullwood (eds.), Proceedings of the 2014 Meeting on Phonology. Washington, DC:  Linguistic Society of America. [link]

2014. “A radically emergentist approach to phonological features: implications for grammars.” Nordlyd, 41:1, 21-58. [link]

2012. “Phonological Opacity as Differential Classification of Sound Events.” Manuscript, University of Massachusetts Amherst. [pdf]

Handouts, slides, posters

2019. “Formalizing the link between opacity and exceptionality.” MOT 2019, University of Toronto. [slides]

2019. With Gaja Jarosz. “Evaluating Domain-General Learning of Parameter Stress Typology.” SCIL 2019, New York, NY. [slides]

2018. With Devon Guinn. “Evidence for features and phonotactics in beatboxing vocal percussion.” Old-World Conference in Phonology 15, University College London. [slides]

2018. “Learning both variability and exceptionality in probabilistic OT grammars.”
Society for Computation in Linguistics Inaugural Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT. [slides]

2017. With Gašper Beguš. “Unnatural and Lexically Gradient Phonology.” Annual Meeting on Phonology 2017, NYU. [pdf]

2017. “Learning within- and between-word variation in probabilistic OT grammars” Poster given at the Annual Meeting on Phonology 2017, NYU. [pdf]

2017. “Learning exception-ful grammars: within- and between-word variation.” Invited talk, University of Connecticut. [handout]

2017. With Gaja Jarosz. “Learning Parametric Stress without Domain-Specific Mechanisms.” LSA 2017 Annual Meeting, Austin, TX. [pdf]

2016. With Gaja Jarosz. “Learning parametric stress without domain-specific mechanisms.” Annual Meeting on Phonology 2016, University of Southern California. [pdf]

2016. “Ambiguity of analysis: Inducing indexed constraints for Dutch stress.” Poster given at the LSA 2016 Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. [pdf]

2015. “Learning as a window into the role of Faithfulness in stress systems.” 23rd Manchester Phonology Meeting, University of Manchester. [pdf]

2014. “Reduction Domains in Dutch: In between feet and syllables.” Annual Meeting on Phonology 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [pdf]

2013. “Investigating Phonological Abstraction through Feature Induction.” Features in Phonology, Morphology, Syntax: What are they?, Universitetet i Tromsø. [pdf]

2013. “Phonological Opacity as Differential Classification of Sound Events.” Invited talk, University of Amsterdam. [pdf]