This academic year, I am teaching undergraduate phonetics, phonology, linguistic fieldwork, and general linguistics at the University of Huddersfield. I am a module leader for AIL2502 Field Linguistics (syllabus) and AIL2509 Phonetics and Phonology (syllabus). I am also a module tutor for AIF1501 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (syllabus), and I am a supervisor for several undergraduate theses. I am also honored to participate in the department’s outreach activities.

At Harvard University, I taught LING 105: Sounds of Language (undergraduate level; syllabus) as well as LING 115: Phonological Theory I (graduate level; syllabus) in the Fall of 2016. I also taught LING 215: Phonological Theory II (graduate level; syllabus) and LING 219R: Advanced Phonology (graduate level; syllabus) in the Spring of 2017. The latter course was, in fact, an introduction to computational methods for hidden structure learning (for both syntax and phonology). I also supervised two independent study projects.

During my PhD education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I was a Teaching Assistant for LING 101: People and their Language and LING 201: Introduction to Linguistic Theory. I was also an instructor for the latter course. The syllabus for my version of this course can be found under this link.