Current teaching

At Utrecht University, I am involved in teaching and/or coordinating various courses in computational linguistics, phonology, phonetics, and psycholinguistics, as detailed below. In addition, I am an undergraduate tutor (academic advisor) and I supervise Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics theses.

  • graduate Foundations of Sound Patterns (course coordination and teaching)
  • graduate Digital Methods in Linguistics (course coordination and teaching)
  • undergraduate Psychology of Language (course coordination only)
  • undergraduate Language and Computation (course coordination and teaching)
  • undergraduate Speech Production and Perception at University College Utrecht (course coordination and teaching)
  • undergraduate Formele en natuurlijke talen [Formal and natural languages] (part of teaching team)
  • undergraduate Computationele linguïstiek [Computational linguistics] (part of teaching team)

Teaching qualifications

I hold two teaching qualifications: the Dutch Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs (Basic Teaching Qualification), obtained in 2021, and the UK Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, obtained in 2018. I teach in both Dutch and English, and I have contributed to our bilingual Linguistics undergraduate program at Utrecht University by translating existing Dutch materials into English.

Previous teaching experience

At the University of Toronto, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses, including a PhD research seminar on exceptions in phonology, as shown below. I also supervised PhD students (Teaching Assistants, a Research Assistant, and I was on committees for a Generals Paper and for a dissertation).

  • undergraduate Historical Linguistics (syllabus)
  • undergraduate Sound Patterns in Language (syllabus)
  • undergraduate Special Topics: Computational Phonology (syllabus)
  • graduate Phonological Theory (syllabus)
  • graduate Advanced Phonology II (syllabus), a seminar on lexical exceptions in phonology.

At the University of Huddersfield, I taught the four courses below. In addition, I supervised several undergraduate theses, and I also took part in the department’s outreach activities and helped organize Self-Improvement Clinics for the students.

  • Field Linguistics (module leader; syllabus)
  • Phonetics and Phonology (module leader; syllabus)
  • Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (module tutor; syllabus)
  • Sociolinguistics (module tutor).

At Harvard University, I taught the four courses listed below. In addition, I supervised two independent study projects (presented at the LSA Annual Meeting and the Old World Conference in Phonology).

  • undergraduate Sounds of Language (syllabus)
  • graduate Phonological Theory I (syllabus)
  • graduate Phonological Theory II (syllabus)
  • graduate Advanced Phonology (syllabus), an introduction to computational methods for hidden structure learning (both syntax and phonology).

Finally, during my PhD education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I gained experience in teaching introductory courses in linguistics:

  • Introduction to Linguistic Theory (instructor; syllabus)
  • People and their Language (teaching assistant).